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5 Most Important Things to Bring when Travelling With a Toddler

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Remember those moments when you and you husband travels together without thinking of a small creature you need to feed, change nappies and bringing lots of stuff like strollers and feeding bottles. As a mom, when you love travelling, you also want to share the excitement and joy with your whole family. My husband and I preferred to bring our daughter with us whenever we travel. Even if its very hard to bring a toddler I know it’s all worth the memories. For you and your family to enjoy your vacation, here are 5 tips that won’t stress you, your partner and your toddler out on your trip. 


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The first and important thing that you need to bring are medicines. This is for emergency purposes if such as unexpected fever, stomach aches and for colds. It’ll be uncomfortable for both parents and toddler if you are feeling unwell while travelling. If you already budgeted your trip and don’t want to spend money buying on a drugstore it’ll be practical if you bring all of your medicines from home. Just place it on a small bag , where you can easily have an access on it. Just always be ORGANIZED.


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This would help her to stop throwing tantrum if she’s bored for a long travel. These toddlers are impatient so bring her favorite toy to keep her busy.  If your budget are tight and don’t want to spend a dollar for a toy you might as well consider this. In case you dropped by into a mall or a convenient store just make sure you don’t want to end up on an area were toys are being displayed.

Extra Clothes

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A child always wants to play, most especially they love playing with their food. Bring her extra clothes that are comfy and easy to wear. Do not wear her overall or jumpsuit that you need to take it all off when she wants to pee or poo. For this issue, bringing  an extra-large size diaper can help sort things out.. You put all of her stuff on a bag which is separated from yours, so you won’t take it all out of the bag.


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Water plays  a vital role in our body system. For toddlers it’s not just keep them re-hydrated, it also keeps them from getting tired easily.  Bringing your own water while travelling is one of the safest, practical and convenient thing. Why? Because a small bottle of water is very expensive. Bringing your own water is a cheap alternative re-hydration.  Put it on her favorite tumbler or cup so she can drink when she wants to.


Many people wears flip flops, preferably. This footwear are worn casually. In bringing a child while travelling I would recommend to you to bring her extra slippers.The use of the slippers are for comfort. It will help their feet and soles to breathe and relax. Apparently, you are travelling, its no need to wear such a fashionable flip flops, just those which are comfy and durable.

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Having all of this stuff will let you enjoy a stress free, hassle free trip. Make sure you have all of the things you need. Multi-tasking (which is actually given for us, moms) being organized, having a lot of patience, communicate with your child and your husband, be optimistic so you will not be stress out when things don't go the way you planned it, be responsible, spend you energy on the things you can control, avoid arguments while travelling, you can fulfill an enjoyable vacation with your family.

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Have a safe travel! 

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