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250 Php Budgeted Trip to Antong Falls Sison, Pangasinan

Brace Yourselves! Here is another beauty and scenic waterfalls Pangasinan has to offer. If you are from South Luzon or even from North, Sison, Pangasinan will give you another chills and thrilling experience. From my recent blog about a budgeted trip to a waterfalls I featured Maranum Falls that is located in Natividad, Pangasinan. You can see it on this link HERE! I am just an hour and 15 mins. from Sison, Pangasinan, and I heard a lot of things about it. So I searched over the internet about this place for some accurate sources and found out that they really have something best to offer. Even if I just seen the place in the picture it is far more different than experiencing the enchanting view and the waterfalls.

Get your trekking shoes ready. Wear your sunglasses. Bring extra loads of water. Charge your phones and cameras. Monopods, tripods on the go. Be ready for another adventure with me.

Going to Sison, Pangasinan you need to take a bus going to Baguio, Vigan and Laoag if you are from South. If you are from North you can take a bus going to Cubao. It was an hour and 15mins ride and the fare from our origin was 102Php. When you reach the intersection, there is a tricycle terminal where you can hire and tell the driver to take you to Brgy. Inmalog where the drop off point to the falls is.

Before reaching the place you will see heavy load trucks parked along the hi-way. To the people who first visited the place its very unusual to see large trucks along the road. Im talking about TRUCKS, preferrably they are many. Apparently, that is because the Northern Cement Company are hiring these trucks for the delivery of their products. Anyways, please be advised that some of the roads to Inmalog is under construction due to wreckage of heavy trucks that are passing. The fare to Barangay Inmalog is 20Php per head and travel time more or less 10mins. If you are alone you can hire them 60Php per trip.

When you reach the Inmalog Barangay hall, you need to register for your name, address, and signature. This, again, is for security purposes and for the head counts of visitors/tourists that are entering and leaving the place. There will be no fees for registering and no tour guides. After we registered our names, I asked the officer if we would take an hour trekking to the falls, well that is according to the tricycle driver and to the researches I've made on the internet, but she said that it's not true. It will take you about 20-30 mins reaching the falls.

Some of the roads to the falls are concrete, but some are just made of small rocks. Another must experience is the hanging bridge.  It is made up of iron and multiple strands of wire. (Sorry if Im not giving you certain information about the place and why does Switzerland is written on the bridge. Still has no idea about the story behind this hanging bridge because I've got no one to ask to. Some of the villagers are not approachable.)

While on our way to the falls, we observed that the place is already urbanize. Many houses are build within the area. The houses are concrete and vehicles can pass in their roads as long as the river is on low tide.

Upon reaching the falls, they will be collecting 10Php for the maintenance and the rangers who are looking after the place.  They built toilets, shower area and picnic gazebo on the area. It has complete facilities where you can cook, change your clothes and take a shower.

Enormous boulders and slippery rocks in the river are around the place.  I was really amazed about this place because it has a very crystal blue water. But the litters from the tourists were not being collected. It is already a spoiled place. Vandals on the rocks are everywhere but all in all the place was enchanting.

Below is the Antong Falls, On the upper level there is another waterfalls, a small one. I'm not sure what do they call it. Above it, there is a small cave with an enchanting blue crystal water. It was very exciting, climbing in those rocks and getting inside the cave. The cave was like a huge bath tub. It was really fun swimming inside the cave. You can swim your heart out, shout your lungs out, and knock yourself out. The water was very cold and crystalline. I would really recommend this place for people young, who loves adventure and wanting to try new things and exploring new places. After 2 hours of delighted view and experience we were about to leave. We were in a hurry because the storm is fast approaching.

Entrance to Antong falls.
A small cave
Small waterfalls that is located below the cave

In the conclusion of this trip, I only spent almost 250Php for transportation. I insist that you have your lunch or bring snacks before doing the trekking because there are no available grocery stores or fast food chain that you can bring  to the falls. I hope I helped you in making this a possible trip with you, family and your friends.

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