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Callao Waterfalls - Tarlac Guide

Tarlac is known as the melting pot of the Philippines. (According to Wikipidea) It is a mixture of four distinct group, the Kapampangans, Pangasinenses, Ilocanos and Tagalogs. It is also known for its fine food and vast sugar and rice plantation.  
Did you know that Mayantoc is the summer capital of Tarlac Province? Back in 2012 I searched over the internet about some certain beautiful places to go to here in Tarlac, then, I discovered Callao falls in Mayantoc, Tarlac. I knew most of the land are plain because I never really had a chance to explore more about Tarlac Province when I was a kid. You will notice on this article that I posted pictures that are not taken on the same day, it’s because I already visited the place 3 times already. So, I may share to you which month you should visit the falls. 

The first time I visited the falls we were provided a tour guide and they were for free. But this year 2016, they are collecting 350php for the tour guide fees because they have undergone seminars and has a knowledge about the place. Anyways, the perfect month for you to visit the place is August starting of La Nina season. Summer time until the beginning of June the falls has a limited supply of water because of the sunny weather we are experiencing on this month.  The road to the falls we’re quite improving, it’s because the municipality and the locals are promoting it on Facebook. Before, the local roads heading to the falls were not yet concrete. 

If it rains, no one can pass it because of its muddy road. If you don’t have your own car, you can hire tricycle on the town proper. It’s up to you to bribe and ask for discounts because they will be waiting for you on the drop point or they will come with you to the falls because the place is too far from civilization and there are no available tricycles to hire.

Once you get there to Sitio Callao you need to register your name address and signature and you will pay for 20 pesos per head for the maintenance of the place and additional 350php for the tour guide. My side comment for this, I guess 350 for tour guide and additional 20 php is too much. Not the whole year round you could enjoy the beauty of the falls most especially if you have a lack of knowledge about it. Unlike for some waterfalls, even if it is summertime it’s still consistent in the amount of water they pour. I guess they need to consider that.  

You will reach the falls after 30 minutes trekking. After half an hour of walking climbing up and down the boulders you can hear the flow of water from the falls nearby, you will feel very excited as if you are already getting the price you worked hard for. 

Upon reaching the falls, the view was very breath-taking. The clearest and coldest water I’ve stepped on. The view and experience you can never compare anything of. The height of the falls is 6 feet and its wide is 3 feet. It was very calming experience on the place most especially when it is around 2-3 in the afternoon because the sunshine is just above the falls. Before there were an old trunk right in front of it but they already removed it.  There is a small basin about 3 feet deep and 5 meters wide. It was like a customize swimming pool. It has a very cold water most especially on La Nina season. I insist eat first before trekking to the falls because if there were sari-sari stores they are only offering limited products. You might also want to offer food to the tricycle driver you hired. You can also bring your own food in the place and cook it there, just provide the essentials you will be needing. After spending 3 hours of swimming, playing and making the most out of this trip, we decided to go down the mountain. So we picked all of our trashes and put them all inside the plastic bags, it is prohibited that you leave your trashes on the place because you will spoil the beauty of it. I just hope that you will visit the falls on its non-peak season or in La Nina season, so you can enjoy the water, the view and the unforgettable experience in Callao falls.

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