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Mayantoc - The Summer Capital of Tarlac Province

On the other part of Mayantoc is the famous Nambalan river. The irrigation of the town are coming from the river. It has been promoted by different hikers and by the Tarlac Government. I've seen on facebook that many locals and even people from different places of Luzon are patronizing the true beauty of this place. You can do picnics around the area because there are cottages for rent. Well hey! that's not all, they even offer water rafting.

When I first visited the place we were required to rent a cottage for 200php. I insisted that we will just lay beside the river since I brought our own blanket. I brought our own cooked food, so that I don't need to cook there because it is very time consuming. The view was enchantress. The tortoise color of the water indicates that it is deep and clean. It has also mini waterfalls.

How did we had a chance to experience the water rafting? Thank God for these boys whose been there since it started raining. We just explored the place and saw them riding on their "Salbabidas". We asked them what are their activities and we joyfully joined them. We thought about YOLO (You Only Live Once) so we tried it. We used the "salbabidas" or what we call life savers as our boat on doing water rafting. Even if we do not have gears for the activity we still pursued to experience it. They led us to the starting point where I can hear the noisy and ranging river. My heart was pumping fast because I know it was dangerous but still, I really do want to experience it.

They let us to use it for free and one of them even accompanied me to do the water rafting because I was so afraid in doing it alone. Even if I looked horrible in the picture I enjoyed the experience. That moment was fast, and I wanted to do it again, but we do not have enough time because its already 3 in the afternoon and we need to be home before 5. But still I am very thankful that these angels crossed our paths and we had a once in a lifetime experience.

As I went back to these place it is already a private resort named Veronica's Resort and to whoever entered the resort will be required to pay 10php/pax and also required to pay for 200php for the rental of the cottage. Their reason is for the maintenance of these cottages and for the improvement of the place. They also built shower rooms and comfort rooms and even a huge cottage in the center of the resort.

The water rafting activities is managed by the government. I don't know when and how do they do this activity. There are also fishes in the crystal blue water of the river. Exploring some of the beauty Tarlac Province is one of my achievements, Well, there are still places missing on my list and I'm planning to explore more of Tarlac soon before I turn 30. I know Tarlac Province has something more to offer and I cannot wait to see the enchanting beauty of this province. Proud TarlaqueƱa here!

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